black by brand™  is love letter to my cultural legacy. It is meant to provoke, thought, educate, inspire, and bring joy to my creative community of color. 

black by brand™  has purposefully designed clothing & accessories that are both clothing line and social commentary. 


I'm Midwest born but a Harlem, New York based Artist/Actor/Director/Writer and the creator of black by brand™black by brand™  came out of a need to find clothing that spoke to the rich and diverse creative legacies of cultures of color. People of color have had and continue to have our history censored and our voices silenced. There is no limit to the number of categories this is true in. But our artistic relevancy spoke to me the strongest. And I believe black by brand™ can bring more attention to our contributions, our influences, and our historical significance. A history that grows every moment of every day. I just hope we here can play our part.

Remember to express what’s closest to your heart and, as always, DECLARE YOUR CULTURE.

Stay empowered,
Shaun Tubbs

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